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    Release time: 26/04/2022

    LTV GROUP and The Equipment

    Aiming at the sheet metal processing industry in neighboring Vietnam and pushing the development momentum to improve production quality and productivity to ensure the strict requirements of demanding customers around the world, we focus on LTV delegation would like to advise and introduce to customers who have been manufacturing electrical cabinets, cable tray ladders, shelves, auxiliary equipment and a series of industrial products related to stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper,. ..,.Just like you, prepare to invest in production machinery and equipment, the most important and suitable equipment to invest in a modern and productive production line:

    1, Head position  – Cutting phase

    For large-scale factories, we can immediately think of a roll-unloading device with the main function of straightening the sheet from the roll of material and subdividing it according to the required size, but for the vast majority of customers, we process them. We use the standard size to import, so we can choose the first machine of the main CUTTING head including typical machines such as:

    PLASMA: with the ability to cut thickness as well as a combination of oxi gas cutting heads, customers can choose to process thick flanges and require moderate accuracy, especially the biggest weakness when cutting PLASMA is often must be poor punching ability <10mm, as well as cut surface prone to taper, chamfer


    ORIKU hydraulic cutting machine: this is a brand product line protected by the Intellectual Property Department as well as trusted by many customers with the feature of fast continuous workpiece cutting and discharging, especially not affected by heat, so it is very popular and indispensable for elevator manufacturing factories, DECO products for restaurants, hotels, karaoke, bars,…, especially with reasonable prices, can be used in business households, commercial enterprise specializing in discharging embryos on demand. However, the weakness of this line is that it is only capable of discharging the workpiece, but not as flexible as hole processing or any other operation.

    LST – LASER laser cutting machine: a product of LTV Group with the brand name ‘LASERTECH VN’ protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property and trusted by many customers across the country as well as neighboring countries, With the maximum ability Optimizing products for cutting speed, cutting ability, and product diversity has completely overcome the shortcomings of PLASMA series, hydraulic cutting machines, LASER fiber LST – LASER cutting machines with suitable prices from only 650 million Customers can choose and invest, customers refer to: https://ltvgroup.vn/

    2,Position in the middle of the pass – BENDING Phase

    Processed products after the cutting phase, we will conduct folding to shape the product, with products requiring a small R angle such as Elevator, DECO items, we often go through the V Grooving stage, Group LTV with ORIKU grooving machine ensures all customer requirements and features:

    After going through this stage, we will conduct profiling with hydraulic presses ORIKU Member of LTV Group, we bring to the optimum both investment costs and product quality and productivity.


    Guaranteed to deliver high-quality and productive products:


    Through the cutting phase, the shaping phase, we proceed to the product finishing, with cutting products requiring high quality surface, we LTV provide specialized GRINDING machine products that are cost-effective as well as guaranteed. surface quality

    With products that need to be shaped and welded, with the product line of fiber laser welding machines LT – WELD ensures all aesthetics as well as product penetration quality:


    Thus, to invest and choose a sheet metal processing production line, customers only invest with a cost of nearly 3 billion, we can produce product lines of shelves, equipment covers, cable tray ladder, and a variety of other equipment and supplies.


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